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Teeth Straightening: Braces to Aligners

Are you thinking about straightening your teeth? It’s a big step, and we’re sure you have a ton of questions. We’re here today to help you feel at ease with whatever form of teeth straightening is right for you and your budget. Don’t let crooked teeth get you down. Traditional Braces This teeth-straightening route has been time-tested and delivers consistent results. On average, the process can take anywhere from 20 months to three years, and then you can enjoy life from behind a ... Read more

What Is Halitosis?

Have you been experiencing an ongoing issue with bad breath? Or maybe you’ve noticed your breath tends to smell a bit more when you’re battling a sickness. This chronic bad breath is called halitosis. More often than not, there is an underlying cause for halitosis. We have compiled some information for you about causes and treatments to help you feel more informed. Foods You Consume Certain foods can drastically affect the smell of your breath. Typical foods that have a lasting effect are ... Read more

Why Do I Dream That My Teeth Fall Out?

Dreams have been studied for years as a way of decoding thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we have about our everyday lives. We’ve all had strange dreams, and one that most of us have had, or have at least heard about others having, is a dream/nightmare of our teeth falling out. It’s terrifying to think that the things that allow us to eat, talk, and smile could disappear right before our eyes. So, what does this dream actually mean? What Does My ... Read more

FAQs About Dental Fads

Trends may seem fun to follow, but be careful when adopting a new dental fad. Although you may see many exciting "hacks" on the Internet or cool things to wear on your teeth and in your mouth, they can potentially cause extensive damage! Here are some of our answers to the frequently asked questions we get about popular dental fads. Can I Brush with Charcoal? Brushing your teeth with activated charcoal is a popular trend these days since it's said to clean ... Read more

Electric Toothbrushes 101

If you’re thinking about getting an electric toothbrush but aren't quite decided yet, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to consider before you make the switch. What Is an Electric Toothbrush? An electric toothbrush is a chargeable toothbrush that does the brushing for you! Although you still need to have proper brushing technique (e.g. brushing in light circles), the head of your electric toothbrush rapidly rotates to break up areas of plaque buildup without the risk of enamel damage from ... Read more
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