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For athletes who participate in contact sports or activities where a blow to the face is possible, mouth guards are an essential piece of equipment. These oral devices can prevent serious damage to your teeth and mouth. We also offer night guards for patients who suffer from nocturnal bruxism.

At Highland Oaks Family Dentistry, we understand that sports are a way of life in Texas. You take your performance seriously, and so do we. We make sure that our mouth guards are made with the highest quality of materials, and that they are the perfect, customized fit for your teeth and bite. Over-the-counter options for mouth guards may provide you with some protection, but they will not provide the same amount of comfort and customization. With our mouth guards, you will be able to speak and breathe normally. After a few uses, you won’t even notice it’s there, allowing you to focus solely on your performance on the field. A custom-made mouth guard from our expert team may mean the difference between a serious injury and staying in for the next play.

Mouth guards have been shown to help prevent the following:

  • Lost or Damaged Teeth
  • Concussion
  • Structural Damage
  • Oral Lacerations

We also offer night guards at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry for patients who suffer from nocturnal bruxism. Nocturnal bruxism is a condition in which people unknowingly clench or grind their teeth while sleeping. This can lead to issues such as jaw pain, recurring headaches, worn-down enamel and tooth fractures. A night guard is an oral device that can be worn overnight to prevent you from clenching or grinding your teeth.

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Sandy Arceneaux

The staff at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry are so friendly and helpful. I've had some extensive work done there and they've treated me so gently. I like having a dentist that cares about me!

Brandi Fernandez

-I was Recommended by a long time friend that works there (Selena) as she knew I was struggling to find dental care that was affordable but I also have a fear of getting work done. The facility is extremely clean and the staff was super nice. I have difficult work that needed to be completed and they were so patient with me it made me feel very comfortable. Highland Oaks will be my preferred Dentistry from now on!

Courtney Duet

This dental clinic is superb! The staff is extremely friendly, the visits are quick and pain-free, and the facility is spotless. Myself and my 7 year old both enjoy our visits and would highly recommend Highland Oaks to anyone looking for an extremely pleasant dental experience.
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