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If you close your mouth and your teeth just don`t seem to fit together comfortably, it could indicate an incorrect bite or poor teeth alignment.

The dental care providers at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry are well aware of the poor cosmetic and health conditions incorrect teeth/bite alignment can cause, and chances are if you`re a person who suffers from alignment problems, you`re well aware too. The dentists at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry have extensive experience realigning crooked, overlapping, and gapped teeth, and can prevent your potentially serious problems before they have a chance to make a negative impact.

There are even some tooth-straightening solutions that Highland Oaks Family Dentistry offers that can significantly change your alignment with clear plastic aligners that are nearly invisible! Both ClearCorrect aligner therapy provide massive improvements in alignment issues in relatively short periods of time, and aren`t as noticeable as full metal braces.

For more information about how Highland Oaks Family Dentistry can straighten out your misaligned teeth in less than a year, please call us at 817-520-5255 to make an appointment and get started on straightening your smile today!

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